Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Drink. More. Water.

One of my goals on my last birthday, when I made a huge list of goals (you can read that post here) that I have completely failed miserably at accomplishing (so far!), was to drink more water.  Sounds easy enough, right?!  Well, I guess...if you LIKE WATER.  I have always struggled with drinking more water...until now.  I have found the solution...thanks, Pinterest!

Here it is, the solution you have all been waiting for...

Cucumber, Lemon, Mint Water...DELISH.  I have never really been a fan of cucumber OR lemon water OR really water in general, however the combination of the 4 together tastes so fresh and clean. 

Here's what I do...

Slice a cucumber, slice some lemon, and pluck off some mint leaves.  Add it to your bottle or pitcher, fill with water and viola!  You have a delicious glass of cucumber, lemon, mint water.

*Sidebar:  You want to prepare the water and let it set overnight in the fridge.  You also want to drink it while it is cold.  I learned from experience on this one...don't let it get room temperature...cold is best.