About Me

Hello!  I am Heather and this is my blog. 

I am now closer to thirty than I am twenty...I am a Christian, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Friend, Administrative Assistant, PC Lady, Resident Director.

Like I said...I am a Christian.  I love Jesus and I am a follower of Christ.  I will never hide that about myself.  I am not perfect...I will never claim to be perfect...I make mistakes, bad decisions, and sometimes I'm just plain hateful.  I do, however, try my best to be better each day than I was the day before, and I strive to be more and more like Christ everyday.  I would love to pray for you, please never hesitate to ask me...there is power in prayer, and I truly mean it when I say I pray for my readers.

I married David in 2008.  David and I met at OCU, our Alma Mater.  We didn't date as soon as we met, it was actually a couple years later...it's a story you can read here.  David and I spent 6 years of our marriage as the Resident Directors of the Freshmen Girls Dorm at OCU.  We loved the way God used us in the dorm...and we pray He will continue to use us in our daily lives and jobs.

We  purchased a house down the road from OCU, so our commute to work is super easy...which I love!...Especially since I am the farthest thing from a morning person!

My hope for this blog is to share my story with my readers.  Basically, I will share all things Hose...which is my last name.  I know when people write blogs, they are supposed to pick a niche or a genre, and maybe someday I will...but for now, it will just be my journey...

Welcome to my life.