Our Story

We are David and Heather...the Hoses.

This is OUR story.

As I mentioned in my About Me Section, David and I met at OCU, our Alma Mater.  We don't have a love-at-first-sight story.  In fact, David wasn't all that fond of me when we first met in August 2005.  I was dating a fellow golf teammate of his when we met. 

Sidebar:  J (the guy I was dating) and I dated in high school and didn't know where he wanted to attend college...I suggested OCU (where I was planning on attending my whole life) and he got a golf scholarship...so there we were at OCU.

Let's just say J wasn't the greatest boyfriend and he was actually not a good guy...well, David's thoughts were if I was dating him, I must not have been a good girl either. 

I broke up with J the end of our first semester at OCU, because I wanted to see who else was out there!  I had my rough spots back then, and didn't always make the best decisions when it came to who to date and even found myself going on dates with a different guy each night...no wonder David didn't like me...I was terrible.

Because they were teammates, J and David remained friends...well, good acquaintances for the morale of the team.  J even talked David in to asking me to make them pumpkin cookies.  (I DID make them cookies...I loved the attention from guys back then.)

I matured a lot the summer before my sophomore year, and even more during the school year.  David and I had a few classes together and studied/did homework together a few times...nothing major, until...

I went to Colorado with my friend Rachael, we rode snowmobiles, had a wreck and when we came back to school my legs were SO bruised and sore. 

Back then, we used msn-messenger to chat with people, and David and I talked periodically on there up to this point.  I told him about our wreck and told him not to laugh at me when he saw me in class the next day, because my legs were too swollen to fit into my jeans so I had to wear baggy camo pants...also, I had to wear crocs because my other shoes hurt my feet because they were so fat.  He ended up laughing when I went hobbling to class the next day, which triggered more conversations between us...at least the wreck was good for something!

I found out later that J had actually been telling David he should invite me to hang out with their group at this time.

I'll never forget the first date David and I had.  We went to the movies to see TMNT...we took my car because his was terrible...we talked through the entire movie!  It was a late one and I don't think there was anyone else in the theater, so it was okay.  I had SO much fun with him that night.

Another night I remember hanging out with David was when he invited me to go to the TB Lounge (Taco Bell) with him and the guys.  I was already in my PJs when he asked me to go, and I of course told him yes.  I remember telling my roommate, Kristyn, that I might not change until he got there, because I thought it could be a trick and he might not actually come pick me up (I told you I dated some not so good guys...they would have done something like this)!  Of course he did actually pick me up...and it was the beginning of us. 

That summer I lived with my sister, Courtney, and brother-in-law, Jason, in a town near where David spent a lot of his time during the summers.  Convenient for me, I didn't know anyone there, so David offered to hang out with me A LOT. :)  We officially began "going out" June 18, 2007. (I think!...isn't that terrible, that I don't remember for sure!?!)  We spent SO much time together that summer, and continued to date during the Fall Semester.

We fell hard.  We had both decided before we become official, that we didn't want to be official unless we could see us with each other for long term...like married long term.  So, we knew what we were getting into when we got together. 

We got engaged January 2008 and got married June 28, 2008!

We lived as Resident Directors in the freshman girls dorm at OCU the first 6 years of our marriage.

We both still work at OCU and love it!  It is home.