Monday, July 30, 2012

♫♪ Hello, Seattle! ♪♫

 I am a LOT late getting this out, but I think that is okay and I will be easily forgiven seeing as I only have 5 readers anyway (and that is being generous I'm sure!)...

For those of you who don't know, David has been involved with the Free Methodist Bible Quizzing program for 12 years now!  It has now turned into a ministry for the whole Hose family...David and Jonathan go as quizmasters and this year Wendell did too, and Lynette goes as the nurse each year.  I go as a tag along and joke that I am David's "official" score keeper...I have to admit...I am a PRETTY GOOD scorekeeper! ha!

Bible Quizzing has really meant a lot to David over the years, and if you have ever been involved with quizzing, I'm sure you understand why.  Watching these young kids and teenagers memorize God's Word almost sends chills down my spine.  It is wonderful to watch them quiz over the words and know those words are in their heart for their lifetime.  Even if they don't remember it word for word, they still are full of so much Scripture that will come in at just the right moments throughout their journey.

We had so many good times while we were in Washington...this was our journey...

This is the great group of people we spent a week and a half with! :)

We left on a Sunday, and it was before church time so we met at the Vincennes Free Methodist Church, and had a devotion and communion together before heading towards St. Louis.

We had a direct flight out of St. Louis into Seattle...we flew Southwest!  My friends, Southwest is the way to go!  I REALLY enjoyed our flying experience with them, they really do their best to make it "the best flying experience you've ever had" as our pilot kept announcing!  I sat between David and Jonathan both the way there and the way back...we had a good time!

Monday we didn't have any Bible Quizzing plans until the opening program later in the day, so we went to the Space Needle, the Pacific Science Center, and EMP (Experience Music Project)  It was a good day! David even got to spend some extra time with his dad while they viewed the King Tut exhibit!

Then the week of Bible Quizzing got started!  This year, the school that hosted BQ Nationals was Seattle Pacific University!  It is a really nice campus and the Admissions Staff did a great job with events for us for the week.  (I would never want to live there though, becuase you would ALWAYS have to park on a giant slanting road!)  The worship leader and speaker for the week did a GREAT job!  I think they were the best team we have ever had at Nationals!  OH, and did I mention my husband and two other guys he quizzed with got inducted into the Free Methodist Bible Quizzing Hall of Fame!  One day we took a walk to Gas Works Park!  It is a park that has a great view of the was a lot of fun to visit!  We even went back with our whole group to get a group picture!  It was on someone else's camera, so I don't have it to attach it here. :(

We had a great week getting to hang out with friends that we only see a couple times each year!  This is one of the many things I look forward to about Nationals each year! :)

After Nationals, we went to Jason and Laura Colberg's house (they housed us and the Bedford team at the same time...there were 40 extra people sleeping in one house!)  They had a tent set up in their adorable yard, right next to a babbling brook!  We had a great time, and the Colberg's were SO kind to us, they were excellent hosts!

We went to see the locks, and watch salmon swim upstream, we ate at some fish place (I ordered a chicken sandwich with peppered bacon on it and it was DELISH!)  One day we went to see the Freemont Troll which is actually under a bridge!  It was neat!  We ate at a neat ice cream place called Molly Moon's...earl grey tea was the best! (good pick, Jonathan!)

Some of our group went on a hike at Mt. Rainier National Park!  I think it was my favorite day!  It was soooo pretty, and I know my pictures don't do it justice!  I felt like I was in a Twilight movie! ha!  When we reached the top of our hike, we fed birds cherries out of our hands!  It was so neat!  We even learned how to trick them to make them stay on our hands longer for pictures! :)  Sneaky, I know!  It was a bit cloudy when we were up there so we didn't get a really good look at Mt. Rainier...or great pictures, but that is okay...the experience was still great!

We spent a day at Pike Place Market, went to the Aquarium, and went on an Argosy Harbor Cruise!  That was a great day!  I loved the market (except for how crowded it was at times!)!  While we were at Pike Place, we visited the Famous Gum Wall and the original Starbucks...the line was WAY long, so we didn't go in.  :(

The aquarium was fun, but definitely not my favorite...Once you've seen one aquarium, you've seen them all, right?! (Am I the only one that feels this way)

The argosy cruise was fun, except for a guy that sat close to us who was training to be a guide...he would say things and then get so excited when the guide said the exact same thing he said a few minutes earlier.  Oh, and did I mention he was drinking and drinking (which made him much more annoying in my opinion!)  The cruise was a neat way to see the city and learn some fun facts!

Our last day in Washington, Jason and Laura took us a couple hours away for some of our group to go white water rafting!  No, I didn't go. :(  I had been once before in Colorado, and I haven't mentioned that I was sick during the sight seeing days!  (The not being able to breathe, sore throat, gross sneezing kind of sick!  yuck.)  While some of the group was rafting, the rest stayed at a neat park surrounded by beautiful scenery...and others went to a nearby town, Leavenworth!  It was a cute little German town...very touristy.  I went to Leavenworth, and really enjoyed the day!  Probably because most of our time there we were trying to find Natalie Grant!  (You heard me...NATALIE GRANT!)  Unfortunately we didn't find turns out she left that town about 10 minutes before we arrived.  She did tweet one of the girls in our group a few times...and that's how we knew she wasn't there anymore. Sad day.  We bought some tasty cashews and some really good cheese, then headed back to the park.

While we were trying to find Natalie Grant...David and some others were having an adventure!!  Their raft completely flipped and they all floated down the river for a bit...David somehow ended up finding the two young boys (around 8 years old) that were on his raft and floated with them for about a mile-ish.  No one was hurt (Praise the Lord!) but it was definitely a ride they will all remember!  I am so thankful and proud of my husband and all that he did when the raft flipped!  He says he didn't do anything, but I don't think I could have carried two young children down a river! 

After a week and a half, we came back to the awful heat of lots of sleep...and got back to our normal routine!  It was a great trip!! 

                                           I'll leave you with a few pictures from our week!

This is David, David, and Adam with their Hall of Fame Plaques!  I am so proud of these guys!
We visited the famous gum wall!  It was neat to say I've been there, but it was completely gross!
David and I next to a waterfall!  This is one of the times I felt like I was in Twilight!

On our hike at Mt. Rainier National Park.

David and I with the Freemont Troll...that is actually under a bridge!

David, Jonathan, and I on our hike!  I was so thankful for Jonathan while hiking because anytime I stopped to rest (which was very often on the way up, because I was sick most of our trip) he was right there with me so I wouldn't get too far behind the group!  Being sick on a hike is really draining!  David also carried the backpack with ALL of our water the whole time!

When we were finished with our hike, we drove up the mountain to see the snow!

The Hose Family at the Space Needle!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

☼ Addie Mae ☼

I would like to take this opportunity to SHOUT TO THE WORLD!  I, Heather Hose am FINALLY an aunt!!!  Those of you who don't know the story of my sister and her husband...they have been trying to many years to get pregnant, well finally after MUCH prayer from people in a few different states and fertility treatments, they brought a precious and beautiful little girl into the world!  I am just bursting with JOY and PRAISE to THE Creator of ALL things!  GOD IS SOOOOO GOOD!  I am so thankful that the Lord WANTS me to serve Him at all times...I am so undeserving of Him and His love!

                                                        Well, here she is...6lbs 1oz 19in long!

Isn't she precious!?!!

Friday, June 8, 2012

♪♫♪ I'm Letting Go ♪♫♪

I don't know about you, but I am a little (okay, maybe a lot) of a control freak.  It is a struggle I deal with constantly.  I know God is ultimately in complete control of my life, yet I try to take the reins from Him all the time.  It's kinda funny because when it comes time to make little decisions like where to eat or what to do on a GNO (girls night out) I never want to be the one to decide!  I am really trying these days to stop fighting God and let Him have complete control of my life and say yes when he tells me what I should do and in HIS time...not Heather's!

I heard this song by Francesca Battistelli from her album, My Paper Heart, and want to share it with you...

I'm Letting Go

My heart beats, standing on the edge
But my feet have finally left the ledge
Like an acrobat
There’s no turning back

I’m letting go
Of the life I planned for me
And my dreams
I’m losing control
Of my destiny
It feels like I’m falling and that’s what it’s like to believe
So I’m letting go

This is a giant leap of faith
Trusting and trying to embrace
The fear of the unknown
Beyond my comfort zone


Giving in to your gravity
Knowing You are holding me
I’m not afraid


Feels like I’m falling and that’s what it’s like to believe
Feels like I’m falling and this is the life for me

Great song, huh?!  I may need some reminders and encouragement along the way, but I'm letting go!  Please help me, by praying for me...that God will help me let go, and stop trying to plan and control my life.  I will pray for you too!  I know I can't be the only one that has this problem...let's help each other!

If there is anything else you would like me to pray about, please let me know...I'm here :)  Enjoy your weekend and be safe!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

We had SUCH a good Memorial Day Weekend!  My mom came to stay with us a night before she went to C and J's house!  On Thursday (yea, I know...Thursday isn't actually a part of the weekend, but I really want to share about my mom's visit!) we drove to Princeton to pick up lunch from my new favorite place:  SPUD HUT!  (I have never been to a spuds-n-stuff, but I believe it is a similar place)  We both ordered a queso chicken spud...they were huge...and Oh-So-YuMmY!!!  We brought our lunch back to OCU and ate outside of my office together.  It was such a nice lunch.

Friday night, David and I went to Cheddar's for supper and went to the mall to return my swimsuit for the 2nd time!  BUT I finally have one and I am keeping it!  3rd times the charm, right?! :)

Saturday we met up with our friends David and Hannah at the Rendezvous in Vincennes, IN!  I didn't even get a picture of the four of us...will have to get one next time!  The Rendezvous was fun and they always have yummy food there...crick fried potatoes...the best!  It was Oh-So-HOT though.  In the shade though it wasn't as bad.  We watched the reenactment of the Revolutionary War and then watched jugglers that are awesome every year (even though they always do the same performance)!  David and Hannah are great people!  I am super glad they are together because now I won't be the only girl with our group of friends at Bible Quiz Nationals!  (More on Bible Quiz Nationals later...we have a trip the end of June in Seattle!  SO excited!!!)

After dying from the heat at the Rendezvous David, Mom, and I ate at Blimpie then went to play games at David and Megan's house (yes, we do have a LOT of friends named David!)  We had a lot of fun playing board games and just hanging out together!  God truly has blessed us with GrEaT friendships!

Sunday, we all went to church, then grilled out at my sister's house!  We had a great lazy day, and again very yummy food!

Monday was maybe my favorite day of all.  It definitely wasn't as extravegant of the others but it was great!  David and I just had a lazy day!  It was so out of our normal routine where we aren't ever home!

What a great weekend!  What did you do over the 3 day weekend?

Thursday, May 24, 2012

So Excited!

I am SuPeR excited right now!  My mom is on her way to visit!  She is really coming to Indiana to help my sister (C) and bro-in-law (J) move and prepare for Miss A's arrival (my sister is 8 months prego right now...more on this to come later!), but I am still excited because a.) she is stopping here first and 2.) she will only be 40ish minutes away instead of 4.5 hours!!!  YAY!  (yes, I did just say a...and 2...this came from an episode of Full House I watched when I was younger.  When Uncle Jesse would make a list he always said it like that...I have done that ever since...weird, I know...but I kinda like it!)

I haven't lived with my parents since I left for OCU in August 2005...I wasn't even really there during the summers because I either worked at our church camp as staff or stayed with C & J.  It is so weird though, because the past year or so I have missed my parents and grandparents (they live very close) SO much more!  David and I got married in June 2008, and we live about 1.5 hours from his parents.  We see them just about every Sunday after church (we meet them in Vincennes).  I LoVe David's family and feel very thankful and blessed we get to see them often...VeRy thankful especially since my parents do live so far away!  However, sometimes I think it makes me miss my parents more.  I have been happy lately that my sister is pregnant because I have seen my family more because they have came to bring her maternity clothes & came for a baby shower (those were two trips that wouldn't have happened otherwise!), and we all (C, J, David and I) went to the bootheel for my Papaw's 80th birthday party!
Isn't he precious!?! :)
Another thing I am SO excited about is that my sister is FiNaLly expecting her first baby!  As little girls we always played house and LoVeD being "the mommy" to our baby dolls!  I think something happens inside us when we get married that makes us want to be mommys even more!  C & J decided they were ready after being married a couple of years, but God had a different plan.  My heart ached for them...especially my sister.  I wanted so badly to be able to help her somehow.  It isn't fun watching your sister hurt and long for something for so long...especially when we are constantly surrounded by bad parents and people who get pregnant unexpectedly and don't even want their children.  They are about to celebrate their 8th Anniversary and will be becoming parents very soon to an already spoiled, precious, and beautiful (you can tell that from ultrasounds, you know!) baby girl A. M. W.!  She is going to be named after 2 great grandmas! :)  We have prayed for this for a LONG time! 

They are going to be GrEaT parents!
Before you ask, we are still waiting.  We will soon be celebrating our 4th Anniversary, but I am still enjoying time with just David (and our 60-ish girls that live in our dorm!) for now!

My mom should be here in about an hour!  Now, the big question...where are we going to have lunch?!?!?!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

First of many!

Well, I am taking the leap!  I have always enjoyed reading blogs!  I always wanted to begin my own blog, but was caught up with the reoccurring thoughts that "my life is just not cool enough!"  I have reached the realization that if I enjoy reading about other random family blogs that just explain others lives then someone may be blessed or intrigued by mine!  So, here it is...short and very first blog post.  :)