Friday, June 1, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

We had SUCH a good Memorial Day Weekend!  My mom came to stay with us a night before she went to C and J's house!  On Thursday (yea, I know...Thursday isn't actually a part of the weekend, but I really want to share about my mom's visit!) we drove to Princeton to pick up lunch from my new favorite place:  SPUD HUT!  (I have never been to a spuds-n-stuff, but I believe it is a similar place)  We both ordered a queso chicken spud...they were huge...and Oh-So-YuMmY!!!  We brought our lunch back to OCU and ate outside of my office together.  It was such a nice lunch.

Friday night, David and I went to Cheddar's for supper and went to the mall to return my swimsuit for the 2nd time!  BUT I finally have one and I am keeping it!  3rd times the charm, right?! :)

Saturday we met up with our friends David and Hannah at the Rendezvous in Vincennes, IN!  I didn't even get a picture of the four of us...will have to get one next time!  The Rendezvous was fun and they always have yummy food there...crick fried potatoes...the best!  It was Oh-So-HOT though.  In the shade though it wasn't as bad.  We watched the reenactment of the Revolutionary War and then watched jugglers that are awesome every year (even though they always do the same performance)!  David and Hannah are great people!  I am super glad they are together because now I won't be the only girl with our group of friends at Bible Quiz Nationals!  (More on Bible Quiz Nationals later...we have a trip the end of June in Seattle!  SO excited!!!)

After dying from the heat at the Rendezvous David, Mom, and I ate at Blimpie then went to play games at David and Megan's house (yes, we do have a LOT of friends named David!)  We had a lot of fun playing board games and just hanging out together!  God truly has blessed us with GrEaT friendships!

Sunday, we all went to church, then grilled out at my sister's house!  We had a great lazy day, and again very yummy food!

Monday was maybe my favorite day of all.  It definitely wasn't as extravegant of the others but it was great!  David and I just had a lazy day!  It was so out of our normal routine where we aren't ever home!

What a great weekend!  What did you do over the 3 day weekend?