Thursday, May 24, 2012

So Excited!

I am SuPeR excited right now!  My mom is on her way to visit!  She is really coming to Indiana to help my sister (C) and bro-in-law (J) move and prepare for Miss A's arrival (my sister is 8 months prego right now...more on this to come later!), but I am still excited because a.) she is stopping here first and 2.) she will only be 40ish minutes away instead of 4.5 hours!!!  YAY!  (yes, I did just say a...and 2...this came from an episode of Full House I watched when I was younger.  When Uncle Jesse would make a list he always said it like that...I have done that ever since...weird, I know...but I kinda like it!)

I haven't lived with my parents since I left for OCU in August 2005...I wasn't even really there during the summers because I either worked at our church camp as staff or stayed with C & J.  It is so weird though, because the past year or so I have missed my parents and grandparents (they live very close) SO much more!  David and I got married in June 2008, and we live about 1.5 hours from his parents.  We see them just about every Sunday after church (we meet them in Vincennes).  I LoVe David's family and feel very thankful and blessed we get to see them often...VeRy thankful especially since my parents do live so far away!  However, sometimes I think it makes me miss my parents more.  I have been happy lately that my sister is pregnant because I have seen my family more because they have came to bring her maternity clothes & came for a baby shower (those were two trips that wouldn't have happened otherwise!), and we all (C, J, David and I) went to the bootheel for my Papaw's 80th birthday party!
Isn't he precious!?! :)
Another thing I am SO excited about is that my sister is FiNaLly expecting her first baby!  As little girls we always played house and LoVeD being "the mommy" to our baby dolls!  I think something happens inside us when we get married that makes us want to be mommys even more!  C & J decided they were ready after being married a couple of years, but God had a different plan.  My heart ached for them...especially my sister.  I wanted so badly to be able to help her somehow.  It isn't fun watching your sister hurt and long for something for so long...especially when we are constantly surrounded by bad parents and people who get pregnant unexpectedly and don't even want their children.  They are about to celebrate their 8th Anniversary and will be becoming parents very soon to an already spoiled, precious, and beautiful (you can tell that from ultrasounds, you know!) baby girl A. M. W.!  She is going to be named after 2 great grandmas! :)  We have prayed for this for a LONG time! 

They are going to be GrEaT parents!
Before you ask, we are still waiting.  We will soon be celebrating our 4th Anniversary, but I am still enjoying time with just David (and our 60-ish girls that live in our dorm!) for now!

My mom should be here in about an hour!  Now, the big question...where are we going to have lunch?!?!?!