Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Life is not always fair...

We are all told at a very early age that life is not always fair.  Oh my!  As I have gone through my almost 27 years of life, I have learned...THIS IS SO TRUE. 

I have always struggled with seeing people with bad attitude get praise, because they have people in power fooled.

I have to constantly remind myself to live my own life, and live a life that would make God proud of me...I don't need or even want the praise these other people get, because I don't want to be two-faced and manipulative, but also...I don't need praise from man.  As Christians, we were told life won't be easy, living a God-pleasing Christian life won't be easy, but our reward is not on this earth...our reward is in Heaven!

For those of you who may be like me, and get wrapped up in the rewards of this world, I want to encourage you today.  I want you to know that God will reward us if we continue to follow Him and share His love with everyone around us!  Yes...even those who are snotty and hateful towards us.  This is a challenge.  A daily challenge.  I know we can do it.  Let's remind ourselves daily that this world is not our home...and our reward is definitely not here.  The things in our Earthly lives don't matter.

I want to be pleasing to God and encourage and help others to know Him and invite Him to lead their paths.