Tuesday, July 2, 2013

5 Years.

So, here it is...Our 5 year Anniversary Date!  Normally, we don't get to do anything on our anniversary because it usually falls during the week of Bible Quiz Nationals. This is the first year, since the year we got married that our wedding date wasn't during nationals.

What David did for me:

My Choose Your Own Adventure
Story envelopes!
After work, on our way towards Evansville, David pulled out an envelope and handed it to me. It was labeled, "The Choice is Yours." The paper inside was titled, "A Choose Your Own Adventure Story" (You know?  Like those story books where you choose your own adventure?  Well, it is that concept.) and it was a history of our five years together and the decisions we have made along the way (we hate making decisions like where to eat, what to do, etc...it's too much pressure)...the note said that I was a good choice...and almost made me happy cry (David has always been a good writer, he always knows just what to say!)...the end asked if I wanted to continue and of course, I said yes!
The next envelope was labeled , "Choice of Empire." It included a short history of Greek food and a short history of Italian food. Followed by my options: Acropolis or Angelo's. I decided to be different than normal and chose Acropolis! It was such a nice change from the normal places we go, we tried a couple of new things, and fell in love with baklava...yum!  Plus, I had a Groupon (read more about Groupons > here<)  so our bill was very small and we got a ton of food, including leftovers! Win-win!

Miniature Golf!
The next envelope was titled, "Choice of Sport."  This one included a short history of golf and walking in the Olympics.  Then my two options were:  Miniature Golf or River Walk.  So, because I didn't choose the restaurant that was down town, near the river, I chose mini-golf.  I threatened to beat David at mini-golf, but of course I didn't come close (he IS a golfer, you know?), although I did get a hole-in-one and he didn't...that should count for something, right?!

Us with our Starbucks drinks!
My last envelope was "Choice of Dessert."  It included history of ice cream and a history of iced coffee.  My choices were:  Cold Stone Creamery or Starbucks.  This was a tough decision, because I had a gift card for both places...yay for free dessert!  I chose Starbucks and we both got a delicious Frappuccino!

 What I did for David:

It was so fun to watch him find my face all over our apartment!
PS...that is ALE8 in the fridge!
I took a picture of myself with a sign that said, "Happy, Happy, Happy Anniversary!"  I printed it (four to a page), cut them out, and hid them around our apartment for David to find throughout the day! 

Also, I created a replica of something I found on Pinterest...it is a timeline of years, months, days, hours, etc. that we have been together.  I framed it and it is now in our apartment...I don't think I'm going to remake one each year, but maybe I'll make a new one in a few years...who knows. 

You probably saw our anniversary picture that I posted <here>.  Well, I discovered Pinterest after we had already been married a couple years.  One of the first things I found there was a picture of a couple holding a framed picture of them holding a framed picture of them.  Did you follow that?  I was so sad, because I thought this was a great anniversary idea, but I didn't want to start it randomly at year three.  SO, we both decided we could start it at year five and instead of taking a new picture every year, we would take one every 5 years instead!

We had a great anniversary,  I am so thankful for David.  He is such a kind, caring, fun, & loving husband.  I am so glad he married me five years ago...I am so excited for what God has in store for year six!