Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Mother's Day Weekend

This year for Mother's Day, my sister - Courtney, her daughter Addie, and I went to Poplar Bluff to make a surprise visit to my mom!  We are sweet daughters aren't we!?! :)  Well, our mom thinks we are anyway! 

Our weekend was filled with relaxing, visiting with our family and friends, and of course most of our weekend was spent playing with sweet Addie Mae! 

It was so nice to get away from Indiana and spend some much needed time with my parents, grandparents, and Court and Addie!  The only thing that would have made the weekend a bit more enjoyable is if David and Jason would have been able to go with us.  Man-o-man, I miss that guy when we are separated overnight. 

The weather was perfect while we were in Missouri, so we tried to get some good family photos outside.  Addie was so adorable, as always so we had the brilliant idea to take pictures of her in the grass with the pretty flowers weeds all around her...we found out quickly she does NOT like to touch the grass!  It was so funny!

I want to leave you with a reminder to be appreciative and love your mom all year round...and not just on Mother's Day.  I fail at this all the time...but I try to do more things throughout the year too...even if it is just a phone call or a Skype date. :)

Here are a FEW of the MANY pictures we took:


Happy Mother's Day to 2 of the BEST Moms I know!