Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Office Fun

I am SO very blessed and thankful to work at Oakland City University, my Alma Mater.  I work in the Campus Life Office as the Administrative Assistant.  I LOVE my job, and especially love my co-workers.  It seems weird calling them co-workers though, because most of the time they seem like family.  David and I actually just returned from a vacation with my office mate David D. and his wife Megan D. (Megan is a blogger too!  Her page can be found here: Over the past few years, Megan has become one of my dearest and best friends!)  A big reason I love our office, is because it is such a fun and most of the time a very pleasant place to work.

Last week, our boss (the Director of Campus Life) was in Honduras leading a group of OCU students on a mission trip.  Well, we...being the loving office people we are...decided to pull a little BIG office prank on him while he was gone.  He goes on this trip every year, and last year we really wanted to do something but chickened out/ran out of time...SO this year, we decided early-on we would be dedicated! 

We decided to wrap his office in newspaper...

Panoramic of the whole office!

SEE no evil, HEAR no evil, SPEAK no evil...