Monday, November 10, 2014

DIY - Elf People

My inspiration...Pinterest...see the original post here.

I made these for everyone in our office.  It was so easy and really makes fun décor for Christmas time.

Materials Needed:
Colored Paper
Photo of "elf faces" printed on a colored printer
Glue Stick or tape (I used both)
(I also laminated ours so they would last longer, but it wouldn't be necessary)
1.  Take an up-close photo of the faces you want to use and print them on your colored printer the size you want your elf's head to be!
2.  Cut out your elf face.  (for this it is best to cut out around the face and can always trim a bit more off later if you wish.)
3.  On your colored paper draw your pieces of elf clothing.  (Use your head cut-out to figure out what size of clothing you need.)
4.  Cut out your clothing.
5.  Use your glue stick or tape to piece together your elf.
6.  Hang your elf somewhere in your home (or in my case our office) to brighten someone's day and spread a little Christmas Cheer!
My office hung our elves on the door to our office so everyone
who walked by caught a glimpse of our Christmas spirit!
Originally written:  January 2014