Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Hoses: No longer RDs

In May, David and I completed our 6th and final year of being Resident Directors in Brokaw Hall at Oakland City University.

I had lived in the dorms at OCU since Fall 2005 and David had done the same since Fall 2003.  We have thoroughly enjoyed our time in the dorms as regular students, as Resident Assistants, and especially our six years we spent as Resident Directors! 

When we decided to get married, we prayed about the possibility of applying to become RDs.  After much prayer and discussion with each other, we thought the RD job would be something we would enjoy and would be a great job for the two of us, since we loved our current jobs at the time as Resident Assistants.  We applied for the position and to our surprise, we were chosen as RDs of the Freshmen/Underclassmen GIRLS dorm!  I was excited but slightly nervous because we were soon going to be in charge of 60 Freshmen girls as newlyweds.

We got married in June of 2008 and had our first group of girls move in the dorm in August 2008.

David and I had the desire to use our job as a ministry and are so thankful that God helped us do that in our 6 years as RDs.  We learned a lot throughout our time in the dorm and made some friendships that will last a lifetime.

Unfortunately, I don't have pictures from every team we worked with as RDs.  These are some of our team pictures though!  We were blessed with some really awesome RAs throughout our 6 years in Brokaw Hall...we are so thankful for these great friends we made along the way.