Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Today we paid off our first house.

David and I started looking at houses for fun back in August of 2009.  We loved the thought of being able to purchase our own home while we were still RDs of the dorm so we would be able to pay extra on it for a bit.  In November, we decided to take the leap and actually try to get a loan and buy our first house!  If you have never bought a house before, it is definitely a time filled with many emotions.  On December 11, we actually closed on our very first house.  We hated the thought of paying an extra $9-something a day EXTRA on our loan just because of interest.  So we decided, we would try to pay off the loan as soon as we could.  Our goal was to pay it off in 5 years.

Many people along the way told us we were crazy to think about paying off a house in such a short amount of time.  I guess that is understandable considering most people end up paying on their homes for many, many years...some even their whole lives...but we were determined to not be those people who pay thousands of dollars in interest over those years.

So, here we are three years and ten months ago as homeowners.  Actual, we owe nothing on our mortgage!!!

And now, here we are...

Can you read that?!?...It says mortgage PAYOFF!!

Writing our final check to the bank!!

WE OWN A HOUSE.  Unreal.