Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Kramer...just Kramer.

David, Kramer, & Heather on January 4, 2015
So, I'm sure you already know, we got a puppy!  I mean, if you are my friend on Facebook or follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you definitely know it (I'm a little a LOT picture crazy!)

Anyway, he joined our household on January 4th, 2015!  He was so young and tiny back then.
 He is now a whopping 14 pounds and a very crazy 5 month old puppy!  He has now finished all of his rounds of puppy shots and recently had surgery so he will never become a father to any puppies of his own.  (He's okay with it, we have talked about it lots, and by the way he wags his tail, I believe he approves!  haha)

It took us a few hours to decide on a name for our puppy and finally came up with...Kramer.  Kramer, like Cosmo Kramer from Seinfeld.  My husband has always loved that show, and Kramer is one of my favorite characters from the show, and now that we've had Kramer for a few months now, his name fits his personality perfectly!

Kramer waiting patiently in the hallway
for David to come out of the
bedroom one morning.
Kramer is growing up fast and learning new things daily.  One of my favorite things that we have done with Kramer is never allowing him to come in our bedroom.  He is just the most precious puppy, and patiently (most of the time) waits for us in the hallway in the mornings while we are getting ready. 

I have wanted a puppy for a long time.  After much discussing me begging, and me desperately searching the Facebook Yard Sale sites for free beagle-mixes (because beagle was the only dog David had ever mentioned being open to the idea of getting), I found him and David actually said yes!  He is a great companion for me when David is working late for OCU Sporting Events, and I think secretly, David likes him too!  The only time I slightly wish that we didn't have him is on Pretty Little Liar nights when I am already scared from the show and have to take him outside, in the dark yard, to pee...I mean, can't he just hold it on those nights?  haha...If only it was that easy.  He actually, was fairly easy to potty train.  David and I are very consistent when it came to potty training.  We were both on the same page and as annoying as it was, took him out time after time after time.  Sidebar:  who's idea was it to get a puppy at the coldest, snowiest time of the year?!
Young Kramer laying in his bed with his toys.
Older Kramer laying in bed with his toys.

Side Bar/Rant about Kramer: 

One more bit of information about David and I owning a puppy.  His name is Kramer...just Kramer.  He is not Kramer Hose.  He doesn't have a middle name.  He is just Kramer.  Like Cher is just Cher.  I am NOT his mom and David is NOT his dad.  We our his owners, yes.  He is a part of our household, yes.  But we are NOT his parents.  We are his humans.  He is a part of our house, and I like him a lot...but he will never be considered our child...he is our pet...who has one name...Kramer.  Occasionally, we call him Kramer-dog...But never Kramer Hose and never mom and dad.

Kramer's first tennis match. 
He sat on the bleachers with us and did an excellent job!